Oil paintings

January means new resolutions so, encouraged by family and friends and inspired by Carol Marine’s ‘daily painting blog‘ I have decided to take the plunge and try to paint or draw daily too.
I may have inadvertantly set myself up for a fall, between working full time as a nurse, learning the piano and exercising our beautiful Saluki there isn’t a lot of time to spare.
However I am now 50 so it’s probably time to get out of my comfort zone and stretch a little, learning new IT skills into the bargain. I have no formal art training but have always enjoyed dabbling it helps me notice detail and see the beauty in everyday. Two years ago we erected a shed at the bottom of the garden that acts as a makeshift studio. The light is poor but it allows me to have my paints permanently accessible which is a huge help. My greatest wish is to inspire others into having a go after all if I can then so can you…….

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