Jasmine- seal point siamese- oil on canvas board – 8×12 inches


It seemed only right to include a little painting of our beautiful cat, Jasmine. I sketch her a lot so for this one I did a pencil sketch then worked the painting from that in one sitting. I used just two colours, Raw Umber and White with a tiny touch of Cyan for her eye. It’s unusual for me to paint from a sketch, I tend to use photographs. This technique has helped me to keep the painting simple and light, stopping me getting too bogged down with detail. I am reasonably pleased but when I happened upon Dianne Hoeptner and Cheryl Wilson’s cat paintings I realized I still have a long way to go.

2 thoughts on “Jasmine- seal point siamese- oil on canvas board – 8×12 inches

  1. I love your Jasmine cat painting! You are right, the sketch helps you keep it simple, focussed on form rather than detail. You have inspired me to find Bella and have a go at a cat portrait myself, right now.

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