Doggy portrait No 2 – oil on canvas board – 12 x 17 inches


Well here it is….
The second portrait, requested by Jane and Peter, of their beloved dogs, Penny and Pip. Penny the German Shepherd cross was from Bryson animal rescue. She must having been laughing her socks off for the rest of her lovely, long life. The painting took a while but I needed to get it just right. The dogs are unfortunately no longer with us so this was done from and old photograph. I really hope they like it.
Back to birds next, I have a bullfinch I would like to do, until then……

3 thoughts on “Doggy portrait No 2 – oil on canvas board – 12 x 17 inches

  1. Brings back memories of time spent on a farm,watching the swallows nesting in the cow sheds,I love to see any birds,and watch them on the feeders.Keep up the good work.


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