3 thoughts on “Goldcrest – oil on board – 6 x 6 inches

  1. Hello Judith
    The first time I ever saw a Goldcrest was in Skipton Wood.
    It was a long time ago; the first time in fact your Uncle took me to wildest Yorkshire!
    The Goldcrest is a lovely bird and your painting reminded me of those early days.
    May I just say too that I love your cards : enreprenarial as well as creative. I was so glad your mother sent me a pack!
    Love Jean


    1. Hello Jean,
      How lovely to hear from you, thank you so much for your comments. Glad mum sent you a pack of cards, even happier to know you like them. So pleased the painting evoked such happy memories.
      Love and best wishes- Judith xxxx


      1. Dear Jean,
        I felt I had to drop you a line a week on from the devastating news of Brextit. Am I right in thinking that you were in the same remain camp as me. I would like to think so.
        What a mess we are in. As you are so much closer to the heart of things I was hoping you could see a glimmer of light to cheer my spirits.
        On a more positive note our lovely Lily has secured a position at Windsor Castle sorting the Queens bits and bob’s in the museum. Happy days.
        Love and best wishes


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